FIFA Squad: 44 Chem Myth

Last week I found the sub about the “44 Chem Myth”. It says that if a player has at least 4 Chem he will play on full performance, but simply won’t get the boosts. Nobody exactly knows how big this boosts are and everyone is wondering about this. So I thought: Let’s try something. So the main message behind this myth is simply “you don’t need chemistry links”.

44 Chem Myth

As you see, every player is on 4 Chem. I spent a big amount of FIFA coins getting those Basic Chemistry styles to equal everything up. I built this team on purpose, so there isn’t one player in the team how has a link to anyone else.

So my current FIFA record is 367 – 46 – 165. So overall I lose 1 out of 4 games. Not that good – not that bad. Maybe a typical division 1 – 2 player.

I played this team for 25 games – not the typical 10, I thought 25 would be better to give you a good feedback.

In this 25 games that I´ve played, I won 21, draw 1 and lost 3, so overall the performance of the team seems to equal my normal performance.

Let’s get a little bit deeper and talk about “Single Player Performance”, “Overall team performance” or Let’s say “Team Feeling”.

So the “Single Player Performance”

I used most of the players before, I normally have the typical douchebag chemistry method. All Strikers and Wingers on Hunter, Central Midfielder on Catalyst and and Defender on Shadow (Please don’t offense me for this…) So usually my Strikers, Wingers and Defenders should get a little Boost on Pace – but tbh I couldn’t realise any difference. Agüero was outpacing most of the Center backs (with the exception of David Luiz and Onuoha) as always. Same here for Hazard and Robben. Ramos nearly won every run against the well known Strikers (with the exception of Sturridge, Ibarbo, Doumbia… we all know this story).

So for me there wasn’t really a noticeable difference. Same here for the other stats. Agüero, Suarez, Hazard and Robben seemed to be clinical finisher as always. Only difference, but maybe it was just me: Robbens weak foot felt weaker than before – it actually felt more like a 1 star wk

Overall Team Performance and Team Feeling

So sometimes the people say “If you play a team without Chemistry it is harder to pass the ball between your players” – I can NOT agree with this. I think it just depends on your skill and our expectations. Maybe it is a kind of notion that Let’s you think this, but I really can´t agree. Tbh I played this games with may more passion – I really focused on the game – I really tried to give my best.

So sometimes the people say “Playing a team without Chemistry feels sluggish”. I have to say that SOMETIMES I can agree with this. But I think this is based on a kind of momentum, or maybe it is the game speed or just a problem with lags. There were 2-3 games that felt a bit sluggish but tbh I haven’t found a reason for this. But if you are 100% in the game and focus on it you will deal with it.

So sometimes the people say “If you play a team without Chemistry, your players will to stupid mistakes” – Yeah, I totally agree. But it doesn’t matter if you have Chemistry or not – stupid mistakes will always happen. I made a little spreadsheet and noticed after every game the amount of balls that bounced away while I´m trying to reach it, Goalkeeper Mistakes, Hitting the Bar and Post, missing great chances and so on. I did the same with a typical 100 Chemistry BPL Squad and compared the data. There was no difference. There will always be games where your goalkeeper won’t react. There will always be games where you miss a great chance.

So for me, there was no difference in the overall team feeling


So I have to say, imo there is no difference playing a team with or without Chemistry.

One thing I noticed while playing this team was the reaction of my opponents. I usually play division 1 and 2, so there are less players that try to run straight to my goal at the kick-off. With this team nearly every opponent who played me and had the kick off, tried just to pass my team to score.

I collected about 9 Direct Messages on PSN saying “This is just handicap, you have no chemistry. Go and F your M… You SoaB…”

I think playing a team without chemistry gives you three big mental benefits:

1. Your opponent feels a safe win from the kick off on
2. You will expect less from your team, what will give you more power. You will be more focused and will play better
3. Whether you believe or don’t believe in Handicap, Scripting and Momentum – You will have a little feeling that you get the advantage

And the biggest benefit from all:

You can be able to built your real Ultimate Team. You can built the team you want.

I am sorry that I haven’t tried position changes in this little experiment, but I thought this would be too much. But with the fact that players on 4 chem (for me!) perform just like they do I think it would be no problem to play an LM on CM (David Silva f.e.)

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How To Defend

Learn how to defend in FIFA 15 with this gameplay defending tutorial covering basic to advanced tactics.

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FIFA 15 in U.K. for 2014

The Entertainment Retailer’s Association has once again revealed the 20 best selling video games, movies and albums of 2014 in the UK.

And not a single parent will be surprised to discover that Disney’s Frozen tops the list. That movie sold a staggering 4.012m copies last year, which is 1.34m ahead of its nearest rival.

And that nearest rival? Well that was FIFA 15. EA’s soccer title is now firmly established as the UK’s biggest video game, it sold 2.663m copies last year, well ahead of third placed Call of Duty: Advance Warfare which sold a still impressive 1.837m units.

In total, there were five video games in the charts. Grand Theft Auto V managed sixth place in its second year in the chart, shifting 1.34m copies. And then there’s the two big new IPs. Destiny at No.14 with 937,235 games sold and Watch Dogs at No.18 with 728,683 units shifted.

All of these sales are based purely on physical unit sales sold through retail. We would imagine a number of digital games (Clash of Clans, Flappy Bird and, of course, Minecraft) would have made this list, if only we had a means to accurately track their sales.

Here is the list in full:

Frozen – Disney (4,012,676 units sold)
FIFA 15 – EA (2,663,296 units sold)
Call of Duty: Advance Warfare – Activision Blizzard (1,837,025 units sold)
Ed Sheeran’s X – Warner Music (1,753,226 units sold)
The Hobbit: The Desolution of Smaug – Warner Home Video (1,550,635 units sold)
Grand Theft Auto V – Rockstar (1,341,472 units sold)
Sam Smith’s In the Lonely Hour – Universal Music (1,296,295 units sold)
The LEGO Movie – Warner Home Video (1,092,486 units sold)
The Hunger Games – Catching Fire – Elevation Sales (1,078,911 units sold)
Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie – Universal Pictures (1,056,960 units sold)
Now That’s What I Call Music 89 – Sony Music/Universal Music (999,201 units sold)
Guardians of the Galaxy – Walt Disney Studios (992,818 units sold)
Frozen Soundtrack – Universal Music (974,067 units sold)
Destiny – Activision Blizzard (937,235 units sold)
Gravity – Warner Home Video (915, 355 units sold)
The Wolf of Wall Street – Universal Pictures
The Inbetweeners 2 – Channel 4 DVD (849,859)
Watch Dogs – Ubisoft (808,799)
Now That’s What I Call Music 88 – Sony Music/Universal Music (728,683)
George Ezra’s Wanted on Voyage – Sony Music – 704,069

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Three Frustrating FIFA 15 Flaws

I have always been a big fan of FIFA, but as we all know, every year EA Sports finds ways to annoy and frustrate us. And this year’s instalment, FIFA 15 is no different.

After a few months of playing it, I’ve highlighted three flaws which have actually made me quite disappointed with the new game.


When EA Sports announced this feature during promotion I knew of the damage it would bring to the game. Yes, it is a realistic tactic, but it’s exploited so much by online players to the extent that gameplay has ultimately been ruined.

All the fun has been removed from online FIFA and I blame most of it on this tiny new feature, which has had a massive impact on my opinion of the game. We’ve all been there. The first thing players do on Ultimate Team, online Seasons and Pro Clubs is switch to ‘Park the Bus’, and it’s so frustrating to see.


Exciting end-to-end matches are so rare in FIFA 15, as every attack is met with at least five defenders camping on the edge of the box. That’s not football! And I’m seriously surprised that it is being encouraged in FIFA 15.

It does remind me of a similar situation from the most recent FIFA Street game, and it’s own online mode. FIFA Street has an online mode? Yes and it’s just as flawed.

Here, instead of actually trying to score skilful goals, online players preferred to do the complete opposite. And I don’t blame them as tricks didn’t make you win; simply scoring goals did, even on a game so focused on encouraging flair and skills.

The point is, give players the ammunition to exploit the game, and they will. You could argue EA Sports aren’t to blame for this, but I think they are. Surely adding this feature was bound to have this effect, and ultimately I am reluctant to play online on FIFA 15, much like I was after just one game on FIFA Street.


Again, EA Sports have tried to deal with this issue. But yet this issue is still alive and well, as our favourite FIFA YouTubers haven’t had a problem showing us.

For those who don’t know, coin sellers on Ultimate Team are websites where you can actually buy FIFA 15 coins which are then transferred into your online account.

Correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t this cheating? It really has to be stopped. The whole purpose of Ultimate Team is thrown out the window, and I genuinely feel sorry for players who actually play the game the way it’s supposed to be played.


As I said, give players a chance and they will exploit the game. All we can hope for is that EA Sports make dealing with this a priority and in their defence I’m sure something is being done.

Nevertheless, the coin selling is another example of how FIFA 15 has been ruined for so many people, yet EA Sports still walk away with millions (and I don’t mean FIFA coins).


It seems EA Sports have almost abandoned offline game mode fans, including Manager and Player Career modes that have hardly been touched this year.

It’s very obvious why this is the case. There’s no extra money to be earned through Career Mode, unlike Ultimate Team where so much intake comes from players buying packs, and personally I understand why nearly all time and effort is focused on Ultimate Team. As a profit-based company, it’s clear why this is case.


Although this still frustrates me. Due to the flaws of Ultimate Team this year, I’ve been mostly playing offline Career, which hasn’t really been improved and is basically an updated version of the previous game, as I’ll cover in depth another time.

EA Sports need to realise that there is so much potential for offline modes, and I’m extremely convinced that they could produce a Career Mode to rival Football Manager.

But so far this hasn’t been the case, and this is probably what annoys me most about FIFA. Yes, it’s about making money. Yes, they only have to produce a new game every year with new features. And yes, they may need to save some of those features for future games.


But in all honesty I feel like FIFA’s potential has not been realised, and won’t be until these flaws, among others, are dealt with and then finally EA Sports can get back on the right course.

Recently they’ve lost sight of what once made the series great, and I truly hope this is realised so FIFA can return stronger than ever.

What’s your biggest gripe with FIFA?

How can the game be improved?

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My Thoughts on the TOTY Crash Market

To those asking why prices have gone up. Prices have gone up because of several factors which include the following: a) cheap coins prices which cause price inflation. More people with more coins equals higher prices b) increased demand from post-Xmas/new Fifa 15 players c) low supply of quality players relative to demand.

We should still expect to see a significant TOTY crash. What will occur is that existing player FIFA coins will be shifted into either the blue cards via direct purchase or will be “burned” trying to get the blue cards by opening packs.

This will trigger a downward spiral in prices due to a reduction in existing coins wasted on packs and a significant increase in the supply of cards on the market.

Remember, one of the main factors that reduces the price of an existing premium player card is an even better premium player card. Also, huge pack openings and pack promotions will decrease player prices. Both of these things will occur in a huge way in about 14 days from now when TOTY is released.

Another thing to think about about is that cheap coins will also be used to open packs which will result in a larger than expected increase in the supply of players, hopefully a lot of new shiny BLUE CARDS!

Anyone who ignores and/or is unaware of these simple economic fundamentals will do so at their own peril. If you haven’t sold or have bought back players because of increasing player prices you should be aware that u may “get caught” holding cards that will be dropping significantly very very soon.

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FUT 15 Crazy

The most-loved mode in FIFA is mind-blowing, but mind-blowing can still mean headaches. Although FUT 15 is the most popular game of 2014 which attracts a large number of players all the world. But it still have something make players crazy. Today we will list the top 10 crazy things and give you the best solutions.

There’s not enough cash
Wealth doesn’t come easy, and after all, it’s coins that matter in a mode that’s basically a footballing stock market, complete with wages to foot. Thankfully EA is addressing dodgy dealing loopholes and bots that have plagued Ultimate Team and made it just downright unfair, but there should be more bonuses for exceptional play and individual skill, instead of having to look online for convoluted ways to hustle another small handful of FIFA coins. That said, it’s nice to be able to be able to plan future dream teams with the new Concept Squad feature.

It’s not often pretty football
Games often play out with high balls being lofted from one end to the other and mad scrambles, with the goalkeeper either making wonder saves or being rounded three times with four minutes to go. Long shots are really difficult to pull off unless you’ve got the most expensive players, tackling is harder so fast strikers simply speed through your defence and penalties come thick and fast (We’ve explored these issues in more depth before). It all gets a bit tiring and it’s sometimes hard to know if you’ve spent your money well when the gameplay can feel so random.

Packs are rubbish
Yeah, yeah, it’s a bit of thrill to open a pack and hope for the best, but just as when you were a kid, all you’ll usually get is disappointment (when opening the pack, not just with childhood life in general). Okay, yes, you’ll get great players eventually, but you’ll have to part with a lot of dough. You’re better off in the transfer market building a team packed with affordable players with high chemistry (rather than having one or two big stars), but then that’s all such a headache. Okay, we’ll try just one more pa… OH NOT YOU AGAIN!

It’s too rigid
You are free to build your ultimate team, so why can’t you get them to play where you like? Aren’t you meant to be the boss? I mean, it’s us who’s paid for these players (and the game), so you should be able to mix positions and formations up a bit more. Custom tactics are also a fiddly, administrative mess that takes up a lot of time, especially when you have to set everything up repeatedly from game to game.

It’s not emotional enough
Yes, the players have got a fresh lick of emotion on the pitch, but it’s quite a sterile environment for actually creating a team; more like a science lesson followed by double maths than the attachment you get from watching a real team develop. Fine, it isn’t real life, it’s a market trading simulation game, but it would be good if players interacted and built chemistry in more human ways, rather than earning loyalty in a cold, stat-based fashion. Basically, we want more reports of hugs and player strops. And we want a virtual Wenger-style Puffa coat while we deal with it.

FUT 15

Missing legends
Sure, he only cost £1.2 million when Sir Alex bought him way back in 1992 (and he kung-fu kicked a fan) but Eric Cantona’s name is still sung at Old Trafford week in week out to this day, so how come EA can’t remember him? Also, while we’re at Man Utd, where’s George Best? Yet Robbie Fowler gets the nod… Someone at EA’s obviously a fan of awful punditry and extremely gelled hair.

It’s really hard for casual players
FUT is not something you can dip your toe into. Some will never quite understand it, and even though you’re in the minority it can be frustrating to have a game mode on your £45 purchase that you never really get into. It’s especially frustrating when the transfer market still has occasional glitches, you know the sort of thing, like having your gold taken when you didn’t even win the bid. Nothing’s perfect and it’s incredibly smooth when you consider 13 million transfers are listed per day, but it’s very frustrating when you don’t feel in control.

It hasn’t changed enough
Disclaimer: Ultimate Team is incredible. But! But is it all starting to get a bit… repetitive? There’s no doubt it’s brought joy to the masses and shifted more copies of the franchise for EA than all the other modes combined, but, with the exception of loan players and Concept Squads, it’s all pretty much the same as last year, just with slightly worse gameplay. In FIFA 16/17 it would be great to see a complete overhaul, maybe a completely new optional mode with the old FUT still in place, before someone else offers one instead.

It’s very expensive
Aside from the cost involved within the virtual world of Ultimate Team, and the cost if you actually spend your real money, it’s a dent in the wallet to have to buy a new copy of FIFA every year if all you’re interested in is FUT, which many are (64 per cent according to EA). A standalone FUT game at half the price would be nice.

Finally, people who won’t stop
On the other hand, don’t you ever sometimes just get Ultimate bloody Team fatigue? When you just want to stick in the disc and load up a quick game of United v City, in whatever stadium, with whatever kit and… shock horror… whatever old line up you’re offered? But no, there’s always someone wanting to tinker for what seems like hours (because it is hours) before even kicking the ball, by which time you’ve gone to bed. Sometimes it’s good to just play.

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FUT / EA SPORTS Football Club Maintenance and Downtime

EA Sports will be performing a scheduled maintenance for FIFA Ultimate Team and EA Sports Football Club on December 11, 2014 beginning at 9:00 PM PST (December 12 from 5:00 AM UK) with a total downtime of approximately 7 hours.

During this time, FIFA Ultimate Team, the Web App, Mobile companion app, and EA SPORTS Football Club will be offline. Online service for all other game modes will be unaffected.

This maintenance, in addition to most recent maintenances to improve the player experience in FIFA, addresses the following list of issues:

Some instances where FUT Seasons progression displays incorrectly
Some players being unable to connect to FUT
Some instances where players are not receiving FIFA coins at the end of a match
Some instances of FIFA Points purchasing issues in the FUT Store
Squads with concept players appearing on the FUT Top Squad Leaderboard
Pro Clubs Virtual Pro attributes appearing incorrectly on the Pro Clubs Leaderboards
Some instances where players did not receive EASFC XP or FCC after completing a match

Stay tuned for further information.

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