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FIFA Squad: 44 Chem Myth

Last week I found the sub about the “44 Chem Myth”. It says that if a player has at least 4 Chem he will play on full performance, but simply won’t get the boosts. Nobody exactly knows how big this … Continue reading

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How To Defend

Learn how to defend in FIFA 15 with this gameplay defending tutorial covering basic to advanced tactics.

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FIFA 15 in U.K. for 2014

The Entertainment Retailer’s Association has once again revealed the 20 best selling video games, movies and albums of 2014 in the UK. And not a single parent will be surprised to discover that Disney’s Frozen tops the list. That movie … Continue reading

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Three Frustrating FIFA 15 Flaws

I have always been a big fan of FIFA, but as we all know, every year EA Sports finds ways to annoy and frustrate us. And this year’s instalment, FIFA 15 is no different. After a few months of playing … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on the TOTY Crash Market

To those asking why prices have gone up. Prices have gone up because of several factors which include the following: a) cheap coins prices which cause price inflation. More people with more coins equals higher prices b) increased demand from … Continue reading

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