My Thoughts on the TOTY Crash Market

To those asking why prices have gone up. Prices have gone up because of several factors which include the following: a) cheap coins prices which cause price inflation. More people with more coins equals higher prices b) increased demand from post-Xmas/new Fifa 15 players c) low supply of quality players relative to demand.

We should still expect to see a significant TOTY crash. What will occur is that existing player FIFA coins will be shifted into either the blue cards via direct purchase or will be “burned” trying to get the blue cards by opening packs.

This will trigger a downward spiral in prices due to a reduction in existing coins wasted on packs and a significant increase in the supply of cards on the market.

Remember, one of the main factors that reduces the price of an existing premium player card is an even better premium player card. Also, huge pack openings and pack promotions will decrease player prices. Both of these things will occur in a huge way in about 14 days from now when TOTY is released.

Another thing to think about about is that cheap coins will also be used to open packs which will result in a larger than expected increase in the supply of players, hopefully a lot of new shiny BLUE CARDS!

Anyone who ignores and/or is unaware of these simple economic fundamentals will do so at their own peril. If you haven’t sold or have bought back players because of increasing player prices you should be aware that u may “get caught” holding cards that will be dropping significantly very very soon.

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