How to Buy FIFA 15 Coins

The coin buying process is easy and simple. In general, sellers will ask you to do a procedure similar to this:

1) Open the Web App and log in to your account;
2) Click ‘My Club’ – ‘Players’ and search for a player (normally bronze) that you’ll hardly need and that’s not an untradeable;
3) Click ‘List on Transfer Market’;
4) A new window will appear and you’ll need to define a Buy Now price equal to the amount of coins you’re buying, plus a start price preferably close to it with a 3 days duration;
5) Press ‘OK’ and go to the coin seller’s website where you should select your platform and let them know the amount of FIFA 15 coins you want;
6) Enter your club’s name, which is the one shown right next to the FUT 15 logo on the web app, and give them the rest of the information requested, which varies according to the seller but almost always includes the name of the player you’re auctioning.
7) Perform the payment in one of the available methods. Normally sellers accept several types of payment, including credit cards and PayPal.
8) Your coins will be delivered to your account within a 24 hours period after the payment, yet sometimes the transfer is made in just a few minutes.

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The Impressive 4-1-2-1-2 Detail Analysis in FIFA 15

The main characteristic of 41212 formation is that you can have a balanced team between attacks and defense, four backs and 1 defending midfielder make the defense more stable than 3 backs. Attacking focuses on the combination of wing districts to central districts, which will make the attacking quite flexible. Furthermore, you need two wingers with high speed and attacking capability.

The emphasis of this formation is on CAM. CAM is a key point. CAM can be classified into two sides. It also can form the three angles districts with double ST. ST + CAM can form a breakthrough. When the opposite side has 4 backs to defend and the opposite players do not tackle you, two ST will attract the opposite players’ attention. At this moment, you can break to shoot by yourselves. If the opposite players come up to tackle you, pass the ball to the idle ST. When the opposite 3 backs defend in the midfield and the defense is tight, pass the ball directly over the top to reduce the faults made by you during the ball-passing. Wing breakthrough is a relatively common gameplay. Shoot the ball aslant to the net with cross or 40 degrees ramp ball. Pay attention to the striker’s position when you pass the ball, which will contributes to the ball with best speed and droppoint.

Defense: The players in the front, not matter they are both in the center or one is in center, the other is in winged district should block the opposite players in the front. If the time is ripe, your side can intercept the ball of the opposite players. Besides, you can rope off the ball with midfielder players in the front districts and corner areas. Single attacking midfielder is responsible for man-marking the opposite defending midfielder. The defending midfielder forms a barrier defense system in the front of center and back. And defending midfielder should prevent the opposite players from attacking and ranged-shooting.

1.Two strikers are in charge of the defense of the wing.
2.Winger and the back are in charge of the opposite wing attacking
3.The center and the back are for mixed defense. One is for marking, the other is behind to protect the goalkeeper.

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Buy FUT 15 Rare Gold Card Player Messi / Cristiano Ronaldo / Robben with least Coins

In FIFA 15, there are a lot of popular players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Robben. Then do you ever focus on the price trends? What is the most fitting price to buy the popular players? If you are confused about the price trends of popular players, you can read this article carefully and show you how to buy rare FUT popular rare gold card players with the lowest FIFA 15 coins.

Messi Ronaldo Robben

Messi (Rare Gold Card)
The price trends


Analysis: The price is relatively stable. The difference between the highest price and lowest price is about 23W. The best time to buy Messi is 0:00-6:00. The reason is quite simple. During this time, the online players are quite fewer. You can buy it with the price of 265W.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Rare Gold Card)
The price trends


Analysis: The price is relatively stable. The difference between the highest price and lowest price is about 30W. I suggest that you can buy it on Monday. The price in Monday is the lowest. You can buy it with 350W.

Robben (Rare Gold Card)
The price trend


Analysis: In this week, Rebbon has been selected into TOTW. Therefore, his price will continue to increase within this week. Involving in TOTW will boost his exposure. That means you can not get his Rare Gold Card in this week. Besides, he is the popular player originally. The market demand for him is quite large. With this exposure, his popularity is enhanced once again. No rare gold card + enhanced popularity means higher price.

All in all, here you have the best rare player in FUT 15,who is your favorite?

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FIFA 15 VS PES 2015

PES 2015 VS FIFA 15

Time & Space
Quite simply put, PES 2015 has it, and FIFA 15 doesn’t, but the question is why? Both games are played with the same number of players, and within the same confines, yet PES 2015 feels open and free whilst FIFA feels comparably claustrophobic? The answer lies in the player physics and the AI behaviours.

PES 2015 has come a long way in its player animations, but it’s still someway off the visual fluidity of FIFA. In terms of creating time and space however, this works in the games favour because those split second delays between transitions, actually prevent the aggressive and super accurate pressure seen in FIFA. PES doesn’t feel sluggish by any means (as previous games have) but what it does possess is the feeling that actions, have consequences. If I sprint, I need to adjust before turning. If I’m stationary, my cross field passes need more power. It’s subtle, but those fundamental laws of motion allow you to buy your own time through clever decision making, while FIFA universally pressures you regardless of context.

The AI plays a part too because in PES 2015 the CPU doesn’t pressure unless it perceives there to be danger. It prefers instead to maintain the formation shape, as opposed to chasing the ball like a Labrador. So when you’re passing the ball around in PES 2015, you can do so far more expressively. You still need to be alert, but the overall flow of passing is much more akin to real football, and that feeling is created by the time and space the game affords you and that which you can create yourself.

This leads me neatly on to positioning, where again PES betters FIFA by doing the simple things really well. For example, in PES 2015 when a center back has the ball, his partner naturally drops a few yards deeper to become available for a pass. Your CDM then moves in to become an option for him, and your full back naturally creeps up to become an outlet for both. All of what I’ve just described can happen in FIFA, but normally it has to be instigated by the user. In PES it just happens, and these subtleties which are seen all over the pitch combine at times to great effect.

PES also wins the positioning war in overall team shape, flexing more naturally than FIFA’s rigid width which it stubbornly maintains regardless of ball position. In FIFA 15 this leaves huge chasms between full backs and center backs and it’s the root cause the games prolific through ball success rate. If the lines were tighter, defenders would intercept more, as they do more routinely in PES 2015.

When the ball is out wide in PES 2015, the whole team shifts over to accommodate which maintains positional structure, and if the play gets switched, they slide back across. These are the same kind of rules you teach kids, and yet FIFA has failed for quite some time to implement successfully these fundamentals. So what happens if you combine players being attracted to the ball too easily, with loose defensive positioning? Play any game of FIFA online and see for yourself.

Now for this one I don’t literally mean the speed things move (well I do, sort of) and either way PES is the more methodical of the two games anyway. But by speed I also mean how fast the engine reveals itself to you, and what effect that has on the feeling of longevity.

When I play FIFA 15 I feel like the game is in a rush. Not just in terms of pace, but also in terms of what the game wants to show me. The game is literally bursting at the seems to show-off its wares, overhead kicks, wondrous saves, deft flicks it’s all there and in your face from minute one. FIFA doesn’t want to take you out for dinner, get to know you, and then move on to some gentle petting. It bends you over and gets down to business.

In PES 2015 things are slower, more meandering. You might not see a 30 yard strike for 3 or 4 games, but when it happens, that memory sticks and it stirs something within you. The same goes for a great flick, or a wonderful passing move. They’re fewer and further between than in FIFA which could be perceived as a weakness, but it’s really not. PES 2015 slowly and seductively undresses itself, leaving you wanting more. And I’m now done with this analogy; you’ll be pleased to know.

EA made positive changes to FIFA’s CPU AI this year, and whilst not revolutionary, after years of neglect it was a welcome statement of intent none the less. PES 2015 however has blown it out the water with its offering and there are a number of reasons why. The first being that the AI in PES not only keeps the ball, but it does so intelligently and with purpose. It can find angles you didn’t know existed and it mixes things up too, playing short, long, wide and through the middle. It’s clever, and I both hate (because it’s cleverer than me) and love that at the same time.

But beyond the general football patterns PES’ AI quite simply does better than FIFA, the biggest thing for me is that it takes risks. It’s something our very own Xaor alluded to in a recent editorial, and its brought to life perfectly by these two games.

When FIFA’s AI attacks you it does so based on probability. If it has an option between shooting, and a simple pass, it follows the path of greatest probable success, even if shooting was the more natural thing to do. How many times have you conceded goals in FIFA 15 where the AI squared it, or passed when only a few yards out? I’ve lost count.

PES 2015 strikes a much better balance here even though deep down it’s probably governed by the same type of logic. Konami however have left enough room for creativity to exist so when that half chance arises PES takes a chance, whilst FIFA plays percentages.

Tactical Depth
Again FIFA 15 has been outgunned here after bringing in it’s own wave of new tactical options this year in the form of Player Instructions and multiple saved formations. But whilst FIFA has the better layout and navigation, PES 2015 contains more options than you can imagine, the best of which being it’s fluid formation changes which you can pre-configure to some depth. Being able to setup an attacking 4-3-3 formation, which switches automatically to a 4-5-1 when you lose the ball is so useful it’s untrue. And again that key word is ‘automatic’. In FIFA you’d have to press a button every time. No thanks.

There are individual player options, team styles and loads more too, and in all honesty it is a little overwhelming to a player returning after a leave of absence. But you’d certainly rather have the options available than not and it’s kind of telling that something EA have made a feature of this year, PES quietly does more astutely out of the box. gives FIFA 15 Ultimate Team player around the world a great chance to bulid thier dream team.

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Revolution Mod 15 V1.1 Released

fifa 15 mod

Revolution Mod 15 V1.1 is now available for download. This version is a small update mainly to fix the known bugs of V1.0 (referee kits, under shorts, boots).

V1.1 Features
-Automatic Stadium Seats

V1.0 Features
-Click here

The mod is compatible with existing careers as the database is not edited.
You must read the included documentation to understand how to use this mod.

1. Revolution Mod 15 V1.0 must be installed before installing this version if have not already done so. You can download this version from here.
2. Some naming conventions have changed from RM14. Read the included documentation for more information. None have changed from RM15 Beta.
This version is not compatible with the Xbox 360.

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Making FUT 15 Coins without Any Risk

One of these days someone asked me if there was a trading technique as good as the rain of coins, he said he get any profit at all using it and even that he had lost some coins. Before anything it’s important point that the big majority of trading techniques do offer risk of coin loss, some more and some less. The “Rain” is considered to be one where these risks are so small that I think it’s fair to say it’s inexistent, but if you get so unlucky that all the choices you make turn out to be bad, combining that with a few mistakes, well, it is quite possible to lose some coins. Just a few, but yes.

So anyway, I went back to the web app decided to unveil a new technique in which the risk is in fact zero. Always having in mind that these techniques are mainly for people with low spending capacity looking for a safe return. After throwing a few coins away by trying out some crazy ideas, I came to realise that this one will get you coins with absolutely no risk. This is the one technique to overcome the Rain of FIFA 15 Coins, and with advantages.

If you look closely you’ll realise that this technique is very similar to the Rain, easily adaptable for people who like variations because it’s mostly the same, except that we’ll be having a few advantages now. Let’s get to them:

First step
Set 600 on Max Price, Gold on Quality and Sniper on Chemistry Style:


Click search and this should show up:


Our mission is to bid 650 on every rare gold player that comes up. It doesn’t matter if you already have him or if his league is useless, anyone will do. Take a look at what I got: David Villa, Insigne, Sturridge and Remy. If you’re really new and have no idea of how much the players cost feel free to bid them all, but after some time you get the feeling that it’s just a waste of time/space to bid 650 on a guy like Sturridge, because his price is around 50k, you’ll only win him with a 650 bid in your dreams. The best players for this in this page are David Villa and Insigne. .

You may have heard rumors about someone winning a player worth 50k with a 700 coins bid. Is that possible? Yes. If you happen to bid a player before the web app starts a maintenance, no one will be able to outbid you if the auction doesn’t last more than the down time. However, maintenances are rare and they’re not announced with much antecedence, so basically you’ll keep wasting your bids counting on that. Let’s just be realist and only bid players that are worth it, okay?

After the bid you just have to wait. Some players (many) are more likely to get you outbid. Resist! Do not bid anything more than 650. Let them take him. Don’t start a competition, there will be many others for you. After a few minutes let’s see what happened:


We won Insigne for 650 coins and lost David Villa, which was sold for 1k. Usual. It happens.

Notice that this procedure was based on the Sniper chemistry in order to see how it works, now we’ll do the same thing but with other chemistry styles.

Since our filter is set on 600 coins max, you should bid any rare gold player that shows up with your eyes closed, but be careful not to click buy now, I did that twice by mistake. Thank god it needs confirmation, because otherwise I’d be screwed many times.

And why did we say there’s no way you’ll lose coins? Simple, because even the simplest rare gold player, with a 75 rating without individual chemistry, has a quick sell value of 600. Chemistry styles’ prices constantly vary (it’s important to keep an eye on the most valuable ones), so if you start an auction with the same 650 coins you bought the player for you’ll ALWAYS sell him easily, there’s no way you won’t. That would be a tragedy, and you can always relist.

So let’s bid them all. Detail: chemistry styles Catalyst, Hunter and Shadow are very expensive, don’t even try to look at these, you won’t find any at this price, so go for the other ones. Any Catalyst and Shadow you find for 1k is worth the bid. And you won’t find a Hunter for less than 2,2k. Consider that all the values I’m mentioning are the current ones, start of November 2014. These may change with time and you need to stay tuned.

Now it’s time to sell the cards you bought for 650 coins. I recommend you follow a pattern. I always go for 900 start price and 1100 or 1200 buy now (1200 for players that I fell like they can reach this price). Just like it was when using “the rain”, each sale will give me something around 400 coins of profit.


One big advantage this technique has over the rain is that you can bid any player, you don’t even need to worry about duplicates. Plus, you can always lower the price a little and still not lose coins.

Another detail. There’s practically no point on bidding 650 on auctions that still have much time remaining, because the chances you’ll be outbid are even bigger. So it’s interesting to scan all the individual chemistries, bidding those players with the characteristics we’re looking for. If you reach the limit of bids, wait a minute or two, because you’ll get outbid on many. This way you can remove them from your targets list and recover space to bid another one.

– If you want to optimize the results remember to give priority to players with chemistry styles Sentinel, Glove, Engine, Hawk and Anchor because these are the other ones that give the card a higher value. Naturally I’m not mentioning Hunter, Catalyst and Shadow because of what I said earlier about them being way too expensive for a 650 bid.
– I said you can go for any player with those characteristics, but it’s obvious that if you already have 4 or 5 of a player that you’re not being able to sell after a few relists, it’s time to get rid of him, lower his price and avoid buying more. That hasn’t happened to me yet, but it might.
– Try scanning several times a day in order to gather what you can, because sometimes you don’t get lucky enough and it should be useful for you to have a storage. On weekends try relisting all every hour possible, because they’ll be sold more easily. Last weekend I was testing it out and I managed to sell 160 players this way. With an average profit of 400 coins per player, that was 64k earned on the weekend. The prices fall on weekdays naturally. This is certainly of much help to people who have few coins.
– Naturally, every time we reveal a new technique there will be concurrence at first. This makes the other techniques available, though. The important thing is to know when you should switch between techniques.
– I said it’s a waste of time to bid more expensive players, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try your luck when the auction is about to end. If it doesn’t work out, you’ll get the spot in the targets list and your money back in no time. 99% of the times you’ll fail, but there’s still that 1% this might happen:


Now it’s time to go and buy them all, and by the way enjoy while the web app is partially functioning. Better this than not working at all like earlier this year.

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Fast and Cheap 15 FIFA Coins For Sale On

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